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We are here at your service:

  • Repairs, upgrades, and builds
  • New and pre-loved computers
  • Installation and configuration
  • Online security, virus removal
  • Remote, online assistance
  • Cloud computing services
  • Cloud and local backup and restore
  • Website and graphic design
  • Digital marketing - SEO, SEM, retargeting, and social media
  • Website localisation
  • Work from home - assistance and consultancy

Repairs, upgrades, and new computers

Computers, Windows-based PCs and Mac OS PCs are the most complicated and technologically advanced devices you will ever have contact with at home and work. They come in many different shapes and sizes, such as laptops, desktops, to mention a few. However, all these devices have the same basic form - electronic components (keyboard, display, mouse or trackpad, data storage, motherboard) and operating system (software or a computer programme written as instructions telling the electronic components how to work together and communicate). On top of this comes "utility software", e.g. browser, document editor, graphic editor, music/video player, etc. Utility software is perhaps the most important for you, the user. Without it, your computer would be genuinely not very useful at all!

So, computer repairs fall into one of two major categories:

  • Hardware repair - when one or several electronic components of a computer malfunction.
  • Software repair - when a problem occurs in the operating system (MS Windows or Mac OS), causing particular computer elements to miscommunicate or stop functioning altogether (may be caused by unwanted and harmful software - a virus).

The initial challenge for us is determining if your computer suffers from hardware malfunction or there is a software problem. In some cases, we can do this remotely, using a direct connection to your computer; in other cases, we need physical access to your machine.

Remote repair (online repair) is possible if your computer can start, connect to the internet, and is still reasonably fast (it does not "freeze").

Did you know? The simplest and most effective way of repairing software problems is to restart your computer! If your computer is "frozen" and does not respond to your efforts of switching it off, press the "Power" button and hold it for a few seconds while pressing. Your computer will power off. Now you can press the "Power" button again and start it up. Did it work?

NEVER: Disconnect your computer from a power source, pull the power plug from the mains, or remove the battery in laptops, as this may cause hardware damage and data loss.

Did you know? Even the best-protected computer is vulnerable to online attacks! The vulnerability is you. Hackers can, one way or the other, persuade you to give them access to your machine.

NEVER: Let anyone calling you on the phone access your computer via remote, online connection! If you receive a telephone call from anyone claiming to be from BT, Microsoft, Apple, Dell or any other genuine service provider, put down the phone immediately. They will be telling you that your computer is sending error messages and asking you to go to a particular website to gain remote access. Don't trust callers; they will steal your data!

Did you know? Not all computer viruses are the same! Some will spy on you; some will damage your computer; some will encrypt your photographs and documents, asking for a ransom.

NEVER: Use your computer unprotected! It is better to be safe than sorry.

Did you know? If your computer is unprotected against viruses, it takes about 20 minutes of online browsing to get infected! So always use antivirus software and have a "firewall" switched on.

NEVER: Switch off the firewall, remove the antivirus software or use two antivirus systems on one computer. They may treat each other as a virus.

NEVER: Click on any link contained in a suspicious email! Only just entering an infected website would infect an unprotected computer.

Buying a new computer can be expensive, especially if your current machine doesn't seem to be that old! However, every pre-loved computer can be upgraded, updated, improved, and renewed.

What we can do to help you is:

  • upgrade to the newest Operating System (Windows OS or Mac OS) - this will enable you to work with modern software distribution, feel secure online, be more efficient at work, enjoy your computer more
  • replace a Classic Hard Drive with a new, modern Solid State Drive (SSD) - it will make your computer much, much faster and more reliable
  • install additional Random Access Memory (RAM) - an inexpensive way of boosting up your computer so it can handle more requiring software
  • upgrading Graphics Card (GPU) - to handle any new game you want to play or to edit your photos/videos without a glitch (usually possible in all desktop and all-in-one computers)
  • upgrading Processor (CPU) - new challenges and new software technology possible (usually possible in desktop and all-in-one computers)
  • upgrading Power Supply (PSU) - your computer will never overheat again and will handle any extra hardware installed (usually possible in gaming desktop computers)
  • upgrade a noisy and inefficient fan cooling system for a noiseless and fan-less liquid cooling - now you can work in your music recording studio without a buzz!

Did you know? Classic Hard Drives (data storage) are the only moving and wearing out functional parts of your computer! Unfortunately, 3-year old Classic Hard Drive (fast spinning platters with a reading/writing head, a bit like an old LP) has a 70% failure chance!

NEVER: Leave it too long! Instead, upgrade to SSD (a modern Solid State Drive without any moving parts) as soon as possible to prevent failure and potential data loss.

Did you know? About 70% of a computer's carbon footprint occurs during its production and sale process! As a result, it is greener and cheaper to repair and upgrade rather than buy a new one.

NEVER: Dispose of your old computer to a landfill! Computer components contain large amounts of substances that are harmful to the environment. Also, it contains traces of rear metals, like gold, that should be reused. Besides, your computer still may hold sensitive data that needs removing!

Always dispose of your old computer through a certified recycling centre. Ring us for help and advice.

Well, your computer has reached the end of its road. It cannot be upgraded, repaired, or is not up to the challenge anymore. So, it's time to buy a new PC or Mac computer. But, do you need something special as you are a graphic designer, possibly a photographer, musician or maybe an accountant? Yes, we can supply you with a new machine or build one according to your needs. While on the job, we will set it up for you, transfer your data, install needed software, and set up a backup/recovery system. We will make sure you are safe online!

Finally, you have your upgraded or even a new computer system ready and running! Is there any way we can help you to use it? Possibly some advice would be helpful?

Did you know? We can help you save at least 15 minutes each day by improving your computer's performance and by helping you use it more efficiently! It makes over an hour each week, on average, over one week each year! What would you do with this extra time?

NEVER: Upgrade or repair your computer by yourself unless you have adequate expertise. Such an attempt may render your machine useless and cause further damage, data loss, and expenses.

Please, give us a ring to find out more.

Cloud computing services and cloud backup

Despite the name, Cloud Services are based not high in the air, above our heads, but on the ground (sometimes underground or under the sea), in massive data centres! They don't consist of water vapour but highly efficient arrays of servers and data storing devices. They don't rain down on earth as droplets, but they communicate using fibre optic networks of great speed and satellites.

Do you watch Netflix or listen to music via Spotify, YouTube? Well, you are using Cloud Computing already!

When you take photographs on your smartphone, most likely, they are uploaded to iCloud or some other cloud service. Then, they are instantly shared with your laptop, possibly with your family members' laptops. Then, when you share it via Facebook or Instagram, they become available to view and download to all your friends and beyond!

If you are an accountant, you must backup your customer's data in a particular way. You need to backup "off-premises," and Cloud Storage Services are perfect.

Cloud Blob Storage comes in handy if you need to store massive quantities of data, e.g. raw, unedited videos!

There are several popular and global Cloud Computing Services. The biggest and most popular are Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. Perhaps you've heard about iCloud? It's actually on Google Platform; it used to be on Microsoft's Azure.

How could we help you with Cloud Computing Services? We could set up Virtual Networking, Virtual Servers, and Virtual Machines (VMs) at your request. We could help you connect with your VMs from your laptop or desktop so you can fully and effortlessly enjoy all that Cloud Computing power indeed!

Please, give us a ring to find out more.

Did you know? Cloud Computing Services are safe! Data is encrypted by algorithms, symmetric or asymmetric, that are practically impossible to break.

NEVER: Reveal your passwords or PINs to anyone you don't trust!

NEVER: Store your passwords and PINs in text documents saved to your computer! Instead, use software to encrypt or commit them only to your memory.

Did you know? If you are setting up a new business or just bought new software, want to try it out. Possibly have a genius idea for a new app. You don't need to invest in new IT infrastructure! Cloud Computing can meet all your hardware and networking requirements. Virtual Servers and Virtual Private Networks can be set up and initiated in minutes!

NEVER: Buy expensive IT equipment before your business becomes highly profitable! It might cause unnecessary financial losses.

Web design, graphic design, and digital marketing

Setting up a new business can be a daunting task. Once you know what your goal is, you need a name. Next, you need to define your mission statement, identify Unique Selling Points (USPs) and create a logo. All before you even start writing a Business Plan! Argh, tired already, aren't you?

We can help you here! You focus on what you do best - your job.

We can create for your website project and a logo if you don't have one. Help writing website content while keeping Serch Engine Optimisation (SEO) principles in mind. Registering your business domain name is also vital to your success!

Did you know? More than 70% of internet searches are from mobile devices: smartphones or tablets while on the go! Therefore, it is vital that your website is responsive, following the "mobile-first" principle.

NEVER: Cut corners on business website quality! Your business website is the primary way your offer will reach your customers.

Web 2.0 - current one, refers to websites that emphasise user-generated content, ease of use, participatory culture and interoperability for end users. The term was coined by Darcy DiNucci in 1999 and later popularised by Tim O'Reilly and Dale Dougherty at the first O'Reilly Media Web 2.0 Conference in late 2004.

Web 3.0 - represents its next phase, which will be decentralised, open, and of more excellent utility.

Did you know? On 1 July 2019, mobile-first indexing was introduced on Google Search Engine as default for all websites!

NEVER: Begin spending money promoting your website before it becomes mobile-friendly! You might be better off with organic growth using SEO.

There are many automated Content Management Systems, e.g. Word Press, where you can build your website quickly based on pre-built templates. But, how about creating a bespoke, functional and beautiful website you can be proud of! Putting your new business idea forward as unique, distinctive, and worth noticing. This approach, for sure, would make you stand out from the crowd.

A modern website must be quick to load (visitors are usually impatient) and responsive (compatible with mobile devices), lightweight (limited amount of data transfer required), informative (good content), and functional (meeting and exceeding customer's expectations).

There are many technologies used to accomplish the above goals. To name just a few: HTML5, JavaScript (ES6), CSS3, Node.js, etc. Some of them are to create an excellent looking front, while others implement seamless functionalities. In addition, preprocessors, such as SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet), are used to improve website creation and streamline future maintenance.

Please, give us a ring to find out more.

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